Who are the best Rainbow Six Siege players and how much money did they make?

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Until I will Rank A or even go Platinum on Battlefield V’s trophies, I said to leave Electronic Arts for a while, and join Ubisoft for a new adventure. This being told, I have resurrected Rainbow Six Siege, a game that I have discovered in April 2018, but I always had the excuse that I have no friends to play with. 🙂

The game is great, tactical enough to fill this void left behind in Ghost War, Ghost Recon Wildlands’ PVP or even Battlefield V, played with a squad. This weekend I succeeded to get 32 out of a total of 49 trophies also, but also to reach level 30, which means I am finally eligible to play ranked games!

I was curious about who are the best Rainbow Six Siege players and I have found this webpage with a top of Rainbow Six Siege players by income, who is tracking 120 Tournaments since 2016-02-19 with a total Prize Money Awarded of $5,940,403.79.

Here are the best of them.

  1. (Denmark) Pengu / Niclas Mouritzen – $299,528.94
  2. (Finland) jOONAS / Joonas Savolainen – $293,541.64
  3. (Sweden) Fabian / Fabian Hällsten​ – $292,478.94
  4. (Spain) Goga / Daniel Romero – $290,622.61
  5. (Finland) Kantoraketti / Juhani Toivonen – $245,193.36

A closer look at Pengu, the 1st one in the top, is available here. You will also be able to find there his gear (The R6S world champion is using Logitec equipment), and also all known tournaments that he won, next to the prize he got in that tournament.

And here he is, next to his team, winning the Rainbow Six Siege 2018 World Championship.

You almost wanna go pro now, isn’t it? 🙂

* Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

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