🎬 Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP – The Pointman (the series // S01E02)

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As you already probably know, about two weeks ago I started a gameplay video series on the Pointman class from the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP’s Ghost War, #1 in my all time games so far, and the game I played more than any other game (even more than Need For Speed Hot Porsuit on PC + PS3!).

Now, put your 🎧, hit the full screen button and enjoy the second episode.

Or all videos under The Pointman tag. 🙂

Also, I somehow felt the need to benchmark myself, benchmark my matches, my scores, so I posted also my stats, underlining some of them to be able to keep track in time. Just a shot note on the stats, I have played mostly Ranked Games (95%), because of the Sniper Duel event on Quick games. Details here.

So, here are the differences:

Pointman: +453 (4353 rounds)
Time played: 47 hours
Melee kills: +3

Prestige 22 // Level 22
Wins: +84 (1885)
Losses: +56 (1108)
WLR: 1.7 (1.5)

Kills: +535 (8456)
Deaths: +417 (6479)
KDR: 1.3 (1.3)

Good luck 2 u 2!

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