👍 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Private Beta is available and I am one of the lucky players!

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Yesterday, I played Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Private Beta due to the fact that, if I am not mistaken, I registered long time ago to participate to this pre launching private beta testing thing. Anyway, I understand that I can give away 3 more invitations to this Private Beta, so a link in the comments should be enough because I can see your email addresses. PS. There are only 2 left to go, marillo received one. 🙂

I just made some missions, killed some people, played with my spanish guys, but also with peka, a latvian guy with whom I play all type of crazy games, and I can see it fighting for Battlefield V players. Somehow, the games are the same. And not for me, meaning that I will not spend a penny on this game(s), because I consider that there is nothing for me in that gamestyle. Anyway, I’ll might give some more tries on the beta, most likely live on Youtube (let’s wait for PVP).

I will leave you with a little gameplay I recorded during the beginning of the game.

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