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The latest State of Play episode of this year with the hottest news from the PlayStation Worldwide Studios took place yesterday, and here is a 13 minutes wrap-up video. As a teasing, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced an extended look at the upcoming MediEvil remake, but also the fact that, and they made a separate note only for this info, there will be NO updates relating to their next-generation plans this time.

Here is the wrap-up video.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is the first thing that made me say “- I want this” from the very begining. The asymmetric online multiplayer experience is being developed in close partnership with Fox, and is due on PS4 in 2020. Even if they said that the footage is not the actual gameplay, that video raise the espectations. At least mines. Just look again at the video, I have found also the trailer. Can’t wait.

Another game that also raised some expectations is AWAY: The Survival Series. It looks very interesting, being inspired by nature documentaries. AWAY: The Survival Series is an animal-based adventure game that takes you on the Sugar Glider’s breathtaking journey into the wild. There is also a website available for more information, and, of course, the trailer.

Set in a distant future, Away takes you on the adventures of the Sugar Glider. As natural disasters threaten the survival of every species on the planet, you must venture deep into the wilderness in search of safe sanctuary. Your journey will take you across breathtaking environments filled with dangerous creatures as you uncover the mysterious origins of your world.

One more and I’ll go :-); take a loot at the PlayStation 4 Days of Play edition that will be available this summer. The console features the Triangle, Circle, X, and Square logos on the side of the new steel-grey unit, and it will have 1 TB hard-drive. Pricing is expected to be around $300 USD, and it might be the last exclusive PlayStation device before the next generation will be launched.

Here is how it will look.

Below are some links to some PlayStation official articles about the games Sony announced yesterday, at PlayStation 4 State of Play.

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