🎮 Rainbow Six Siege, free this weekend (PS4)

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Game: Rainbow Six® Siege
Launch date: December 1, 2015
Company: UBISOFT
PlayStation Store: Rainbow Six® Siege

Launched in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft, and you can find out more about it here, in my first timer article. Also, is one of the shooters I bought but I did not played it much because I did not had any friend to play with.

I think it is a great game, and it must be a lot of fun in a team. There are a lot of classes to choose, and some interesting maps and missions to do. Something like Ghost War, another shooter from Ubisoft, but totally more dynamic.

Anyway, I think both of them deserve 100 times bigger audience, that’s for sure (and Ubisoft is not at its 1st free weekend for this game). This being told, PlayStation Europe just announced another free weekend for Rainbow Six Siege. So, if you want to try one good hell of a shooter, Rainbow Six Siege is the name for it.

PS. Just send me a message on PSN. I might join, between the Apex Legends sessions. =))

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