There will be no PlayStation 5 launched this year, but the rumors might have already more information that we need

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If until last year I thought 2019 is the PS5 launch year, with each rumour I am hearing I become more convinced that the PlayStation 5 will be here in 2020, if we are lucky enough. The exclusive interview with PlayStation’s lead system architect for the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, is already a point of reference, as he suggested that PlayStation 5 will not be available this year, but it’s a confirmation of the fact that the PlayStation 5 console will be able to run PlayStation 4 games (backwards compatible).

A new confirmation came via the Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who recently tweeted that we will not have a PlayStation 5 console in the next 12 months, the information being somehow confirmed by SIE. Well, he’s from WSJ, not 🙂 Anyway, he came back on this matter with another tweet and pointed that SIE confirmed to him no next-gen PlayStation console release in FY19, and one good reason for that: there is no increase in marketing costs for 2019. Not bad.

First tweet:

Second tweet:

Anyway, that means we still have (at least) one year to buy and play games that, for some reasons we didn’t. For example, thinking also on PlayStation 5 possible incompatibility with PlayStation 4 games (I learned this in a hard way when I upgraded from PS3 to PS4), I didn’t bought Battlefield V, or Tom Clancy’s Division 2. Not that Division 2 is something to fall in love with, at least not for me (see my article on Private Beta testing), but I have a lot of friends to play with, mostly from Spain, which I am convinced that it will make it cool enough to play. 🙂

Via this article on GameByte, I have found out about the existence of a pastebin file that reveals a lot of information about the next generation of PlayStation, like specs, games, services and prices. The source, a small 3rd party developer, said that the price of the PlayStation 5 will be 499$, 100$ loss per console at a beginning, and PS Plus will have a premium subscription for private servers. The specs are obviously better than PlayStation 4 / Pro, but I suggest to take a look at the games that will be launched with the console, because these are the games that you can play and upgrade, when times come, to the new version.

So here are the games that will probably be launched with PlayStation 5, or whatever the name will be for the next generation of Sony Interactive Entertainment console:

Exclusive PlayStation 5 games

  • Gran Turismo 7 (VR)
  • PUBG Remastered 4k
  • Last of us 2 Remastered
  • Ghost of Tsushima Remastered

Non-exclusive PlayStation 5 games

  • Battlefield
  • Harry Potter
  • GTA 6
  • Assassins Creed
  • Horizon 2

I have never played PUBG and Battlefield, beyond their demos. Maybe it’s time. Did you played anyone of this games? Leave a comment below to make this place a better one!

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