🎮 «PlayStation 5» is Eight (8+) Times Faster Than PlayStation 4 Pro! | VIDEO

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As a note, because I have seen it on other websites too, the PlayStation 5 name I’m using is not actually confirmed, but I believe everyone is thinking about a #5 generation named PlayStation 5. I will continue to use this and update PlayStation 5 tag until an official name is revealed.

Instead of an introduction, please read There will be no PlayStation 5 launched this year, but the rumors might have already more information that we need. It’s an article I wrote last month and contains a lot of info and rumors about the next PS generation.

It’s not an easy industry, the competition is tough because games are working with our emotions, and every company is trying to be as much as sparing it can be outside the PR and Marketing plans. So don’t expect any of the gaming companies to tell us more than we need at a certain point, but we can talk about and speculate the leaks, and the human errors that are happening.

What’s new?

We already know that PlayStation 5 will be able to run PlayStation 4’s games (backwards compatible). A good thing for the players, because these years it was an explosion of huge community games (think only on battle-royal shooters like Fortnite, Apex, COD 4, PUBG, etc), but also it was the beginning of a new era: open world online multiplayer games. And man, this changed a lot the way we play games.

Related to this, I think backward compatibility is a good thing for game developers also because they can focus on updates (vlogs, blogs, forums, Twitter, and Facebook are full of suggestions for any medium-to-big game you might think of) and things that can even sell, on games with great communities that will last for other many years to come.

This week, Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki tweeted a video of an investor presentation that seems to show a loading time comparison between the PS4 Pro and the PS5 using last year’s Spider-Man as a test-case. In the video, the PS5 appears to load in under a second what the PS4 Pro takes 8 seconds to load (source).

More on that, the video shows also how fast the new generation of PlayStation can be when it comes to processing a high volume of graphics data. The difference is incredible, although most probably we are not talking about the next Spider-Man also. Just watch the video till the end of it.

So, what do you think about that? How much do you think it will cost this new device Sony is preparing for us? Don’t be a stranger, join the comment section and let’s make this blog a better one!

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