#howto: Setting up your #PlayStation 4 Pro to record your best moments in a video format

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From time to time, even if you are not a content creator, you might want to keep for yourself some of your best gameplays. Just imagine your last Apex kill that leads to a victory. Or a great turn over during a battle with Kratos. Or a crazy final lap of an important Gran Turismo Sport competition. And I’m sure you have plenty of stories that you might wanna tell, but you don’t have a damn 30 seconds video to upload it on Youtube, for example.

Because you thought is complicated, but it is not. ๐Ÿ™‚

In this article I will only show you how to keep your best memories on your Playstation in a video format. About how to upload this content on Youtube or other video platforms will be subject of another article. This being told, the settings for the video file you want to record are available under Settings ยป Sharing and Broadcast ยป Video Clip Settings, as it is shown in the next images. In the end, you will be able to set up the length of the video and the resolution (HD, Full HD).

I am keeping the length of the video to 1 minute because it is enough for me, I am playing mostly shooters. I don’t need tones of GBs of data for 20 seconds of glory that you need to find using an editing software (works also with Share Factory). Just keep in mind that all of this videos will block a lot of space on your PlayStation hard drive if you are not careful.

To record that 1 minute of video, just press the share button on your controller in any moment you want during a game, wait for the SQUARE sign to LIGHT UP (save the video) and press square button on your controller. In this way you will save a video containing the last minute of your activity, inside a folder with the same name as the game located in the Capture Gallery.

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