Is your PlayStation 4 Pro noisy like a factory? This could be the answer and the solution!

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For a long time now, my PlayStation 4 Pro bought in February 2017, was as noisy as a factory. That became a problem fast, but I didn’t have the time to do anything to solve it. I relocated two times in the past year, changing jobs, cities, and countries. I remember that I have opened once the upper side of the console, removed some dust and close the patient after.

Nothing happened.

The noise became stronger day by day and it was impossible to play without headsets.

A week ago, I commented this with some of my PSN friends and one of them just solved the same problem on his PlayStation 4 Slim. How? Cleaning it up and add some thermic pads on the RAM memory and processor. Something like this (it’s in Romanian, but you can check the title of the product and search locally for something similar). And yesterday, he solved my PS 4 Pro also.

As an important note on this matter, do NOT try this by yourself if you are not aware of what you are doing. My friend knew, and he has also the necessary tools and skills to do it. I have seen my console in pieces, literally :-), and, after the cleaning process and pads replacements, he rebuilt the PlayStation and it worked fine since. And SILENT. 🙂

WARNING: doing all this, you will lose the product’s warranty.

The problem of the noise was a lot of dust and hair (I am smoking, and I have a cat pet) on about 80% of the heat radiator. A bad situation for the hot air that was unable to be eliminated, forcing in this way the fan to work (and roar) harder. My friend asked me if I want to save the moment before it will be clean as new, and here it is:

So, if your PlayStation fan is working hard to cool down your console, most probably you will need to find someone that knows how to clean it, to replace the thermic pads, and deliver it into 1 piece at the end.

Good luck!

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