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Game: Mad Max
Launch date: September 4, 2015

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation Store: Mad Max

One of April’s free games for PlayStation (4) Plus members was Mad Max, a Warner Bros. game rated PEGI 18 (the trailer reminded me of Shadow of Mordor game and the brand new God of War from Sony), and that means this article is a little bit late to download and play it for free as long as you have an active Playstation Plus membership.

Mad Max is an third-person action-adventure video game based on the Mad Max franchise. It was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and it was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in the first days of September 2015.

Mad Max is the story of… Max, obviously, a reluctant hero with an instinct for survival who was beaten and left for dead in the parched deserts of the Great White, by a roaming band of War Boys led by the villainous warlord Scaborous Scrotus, who also took his V8 Interceptor.

Rescued by Chumbucket – a hunchbacked mechanic with incredible talents for building four-wheeled wrecking machines from scrap – Max sets out on a journey to reach Gas Town to reclaim what is his and deal furious outback revenge on those who took it. Well, as furious as you can be. 🙂

To have a full idea of what is going on, remember Tomb Rider.

Or God of War, to return to 2018. 🙂

And now look at the Mad Max trailer.

➡ The LOOKS (rating 7/10)

For 2018, the graphics on Mad Max doesn’t have the wow factor. After all, we are talking about a game published 3 years ago. But it has some old kind of action flavour, that you could combine with a tea in a rainy afternoon, the maximum danger you can get in the center of the city. 🙂

I gave it a 7/10 rating. Here are some photos, you’ll find more of it at the end of the article.

One of the things I also liked was the Capture Mode that you’ll find in the menus. You can stop and take a picture from almost every angle, but also you can add frames, colours and other things to your picture and share the final result with your friends. For example, the image I used to illustrate this article (and as a thumb on my 10 minutes gameplay video) was made with that Capture Mode. You’ll find an image at the end of this article.

➡ The MUSCLES (rating 7/10)

Easy to play in the beginning, Max Max will become a little harder when you need to drive AND shoot the enemies in the same time. You will get to it, it will not be a problem. All in all, somehow, this is the hardest game to learn how to play since I launched costin.live.

It is very possible to exaggerate a little, but I have also a 10 minutes video as a first timer in this game, and you can compare for yourself with the others first timer’s videos I have published around here.

My rating on this is 7/10.

➡ The BRAIN (rating 7/10)

If Warner Bros. is one of the best in the world at something, that should be how to tell a story. I loved the beginning of the game, I loved the way I was introduced into the story, and I was really impressed when I realised (after minutes of playing), that the graphics are not that good. 🙂 I was totally into the story.

Even so, the final mark on this is 7/10. We all know the story of Max.

✅ Final rating: 7/10

This being told, Mad Max is receiving a 7 final rating.

Should you buy this game? I don’t know. You tell me in the comments. It costs around 50 euros.

📸 Mad Max Photo Gallery

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