⚖️ “Gunslinger vs. High Risk Scattered”, the 5th event on Ghost Recon Wildlands’ quick games

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Game: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
PVP: Ghost War
Game Community: Ghost Recon Network
Company: UBISOFT
PlayStation Store: Deluxe Edition
Costin.Live articles: ghost war

There is a God of The Good Games! Ladies and gents, no more sniper mania! Ubisoft finally got rid of any sniper choice on its Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP‘s Quick games, after the last one who had been won with 54% (if my memory is not loosing me), in favor of the Sniper Duel. As for the record, I think I have played only 1, maybe 2?, rounds, and that was the moment I went Ranking all the way.

After the sniper duel I simply cannot play Quicks anymore. 🙂

So, I think that was what this 4th Event taught me (you know I have a thing with taking something from each action we do in this games). It showed me not to be afraid of the ranking games for good. I have noticed (on myself also), that most of the Ghost War players are afraid to go play ranking games. Somehow they do not want the other ones to be able to compare that rank status to them. Simple as that.

Coming back to the 5th event on Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP, Ubisoft is arranging us a a pistol battle, or is offering us an event that we have played before: it was the 2nd, and I wrote about it in the article for the 3rd event. If you remember, it was the event that made me change classes, I discovered Diversionist, and it offered me some crazy games with Bad.News, a friend from Italy.

And, maybe, the best event until now.

Although I will die to upgrade my pistol skills (and 60 hours will be enough for us to really go crazy about it!), I will vote for the High Risk Scattered event. It will be a short break from my Pointman rush for another 5000 rounds 😀 , because I will be playing Diversionist, and I am sure that Bad.News will be very happy about that. I mean, about the Pointman class. 😛

Finger crossed and stay alive, mates!

We will be hard to find in the Pilgrim’s forests… 🙂

PS. Just for the record, here are the images of the 5th event vote.

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