🔎 Ghost Recon Breakpoint PVP: Unveiled Features and Classes, and 3 Awesome General Features That Will Dramatically Change The PVP

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Some recent news about the upcoming Ghost Recon Breakpoint (see prices and editions comparison chart) detailed part of the information we already knew about the game but also unveiled some new and interesting things that I want to share with you. Not all, only those regarding the Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s PVP mode that will be launched at the same time with the game.

  • Carry your downed friends. The Breakpoint’s PVP will allow players to carry downed teammates, getting them to safety, and heal them in cover, before going back on the battlefield. I didn’t understand if we’ll be able to move the enemies bodies also, but this is 100% implemented in the campaign mode. It must be really dope on PVP, I’m just imagining the situations I may provoke. 🙂

  • 4 classes. The Breakpoint’s PVP will start with four classes, and two of them are Panther and Sharpshooter. Panthers special skill allows them to create a cloud of smoke, making them invisible for a few seconds and giving them the opportunity to counterattack or disappear, with no access to loud or heavy weapons anyways. Sharpshooters can load three special bullets in their rifles, dealing large amounts of damage to enemies, and they are able to hold their breath longer than other players.

  • Change classes. You will not be stuck anymore with the class you chose after the round starts. You will be able to change your class at a Bivouac. This will drastically change the dynamics of a game. You can change an entire strategy and you need to be prepared for… anything. The Sharpshooter you saw 30 seconds ago killing one of your teammates can be the Panther who starts shooting at you now. Not funny. 🙂

  • PVP and PVE modes will share progression. Your character’s XP level, class ranks, and equipment level are shared, as well as all your belongings (gear, weapons, customization items, etc.). This is something I don’t fully understand now because the mechanics (moving, shooting, etc) are totally different. Details here.

Now, Ubisoft communication is not always clear to the point, so I am in the air with some things that personally I want them also in the PVP mode, not only in the campaign mode, because I think it will dramatically change the dynamic of the game. In a good sense.

  • Prone camo – this feature allows the players to blend with the environment and surprise your enemy, by simply covering themselves with the terrain material. It can be used on multiple types of terrain: mud, snow, leaves. Just imagine that this feature will end up most of the fast team rushes. 🙂

  • Tiers of damage – In the 1st level of wounds, your Ghost will start to occasionally limp (+stamina reduced). In the 2nd level of injury, the Ghost will limp heavily, start bleeding and face difficulty aiming. In the third tier, the Ghost will be unable to run, stumbling and limping with only his handgun to protect him.

  • Carry your downed enemies – This will be, for sure, one of the coolest things in a PVP. It doesn’t make any sense, the enemies can see the bodies positions (Trapper), but just imagine moving the enemies bodies into the open space, leaving there for the Sharpshooter to care about them. Or well mined inside a house with C4s and gas mines on top of them.

Ghosts, this winter will be tough.

Be prepared. 🙂

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