👎 Bloodborne, my « one hell of a ride » experience 😂 (rating: 4/10)

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One of the things that are placing “Plus” in “PlaysStation Plus” is the fact that each month SIE is giving away games that can be played as long as the PlayStation Plus membership is active.

Yes, most of these games are old, but some of them are still cool – Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, for example -, and few of them are brand new – That’s you!, a board-like game that involves your smartphone and up to 5 friends with a smartphone.

One of this month free games for PlayStation Plus members is Bloodborne, an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4 in March 2015. Exactly 3 yers old this month, so I think there is no coincidence about including the game in the list for this March. 😉

Bloodborne™ “Cut You Down” Trailer | The Hunt Begins

«Brutal, blood-soaked and at times truly horrifying, Bloodborne is a one of kind experience driven by slick combat, rich lore and breathtaking art direction. If you’ve never dared set foot into this macabre nightmare before, then you’re in for one hell of ride – it’s time to get a little Yharnam blood of your own.» (same source)

Truly horrifying experience? Macabre nightmare? My own blood? Man, all these nice things seems to be very appropriate for any normal person, isn’t it? “God, I miss a nice game with some teeth and claws to brutally explore my neck!”, said no one ever.

Obviously, I gave it a try. 😂 😂 😂

My 11-minutes one hell of a ride…

… and some conclusions about Bloodborne.

Obviously, at the most subjective level, I will benchmark this game to the ones I’ve played lately: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Rise of the Tomb Rider and Middle-earth: Shadow od Mordor – Game of the Year Edition. All of them are from the last generation of the action RPGs on PlayStation 4 (Pro – remastered).

➡️ The LOOKS

If you played a RPG in 4K and felt the details at their best (both graphics and gameplay), Bloodborne will get you only if you are an old RPGs, prone to nostalgia. Is this game for you? I think it is if you are also a curious RPG player or a gamer that is into stories more than into how the story looks.

Personally, I need more graphics details when I’m playing a game, as my brain wants to see more in order to be fully connected.


Is it easy to move the character around? Is it hard to learn the moves? Is it hard to handle it? Well, the best part with these old RPG games is that the moves are very simple. I’m using a TAC Pro keyboard+mouse set, so I think it’s easier to run around, pick up things fast, or circle an enemy, but, in the same time, I don’t think you’ll destroy your controller learning how to move around and do stuff. Bloodborne is not a complex game.

➡️ The BRAIN

I have played Bloodborne for no more than 11 minutes. Something tells me that I should use a weapon or something similar to melee the giant scary wolf that took me down several times, or continuously hit and circle his… rear until it’s dead.

The problem is that the entire story didn’t get me. A blood transfusion, ghost visions, plenty of skulls ready to help me, bodies on the ground and a huge beast wolf-alike are not my kind of “come and play, it will be fun or at least interesting!” call-to-action hook.

The end?

I don’t play RPGs as much as I can officially give some marks on Bloodborne, but, if I have to judge this game, I would go for 4/10 for each of the graphics, story and gameplay layers.

Are you an action RPGs player? What do you think about Bloodborne? Please participate to the conversation by joining the comment section below, and share your opinion. Thank you!


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