๐ŸŽผ If you ever thought about how the music of a game is created, here are some ideas from the composer of Days Gone soundtrack

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Days Gone is one of the titles of the moment. No doubt about that, the numbers also tell us the same thing. It is a game that I’m playing with a friend of mine, both being impressed about different things and situations that we are continuously bumping in to. The awesome graphics, the sudden happenings that freaks us out every damn time, the details, the gameplay, anyway, you got the idea.

Today, on the Eurpean PlayStation Blog, the composer Nathan Whitehead published an article about the music of Days Gone, who drew his inspiration from the gorgeous setting Bend Studio chose of the High Desert in the Pacific Northwest. They have always been good with the words. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you don’t like long articles, here is also a video:

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