Days Gone, one month before launch

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Game: Days Gone
Developer: SIE Bend Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation Store: Days Gone

Next month, on April 26th, Sony Interactive Entertainment will release Days Gone, an action-adventure game from a third-person perspective, whose action takes place in a an open-world post-apocalyptic world (2 years after a global pandemic killed almost all of humanity), exclusively for the PlayStation 4 / Pro. (read more)

It is available with pre-order in 2 versions, Standard and Deluxe, the difference being around 15 euros, and consists in some multimedia content (original music and a mini art book), a motorcycle item (3 x skin), an unlocked skill (Monkey Wrench – do not know what it does :-D), and a dynamic theme for PlayStation 4. ( PS Store link )

The game went into production four years ago, in January 2015, and it was scheduled for launch on February 22 this year, but in October last year a new release date was announced, April 26, to allow developers to further polish Days Gone.

The game was first brought to the public at E3 2016, and in the summer of last year, developers showed at E3 2018 some gameplay sequences, not edits as they appear in PlayStation Store’s presentation clips or press releases.

A playable version ” as the moderator said:

As the (in-game) Photo modules have become more and more popular (companies are even organizing contests on Instagram, because the open-world games are being very generous in details), Sony published yesterday a detailed article with the Days Gone’s Photo Mode, described as “an impressive array of options, including advanced color grading options and an innovative new focus feature“.

PS. The game is a single player, in the idea that I have not seen anywhere, not even in the Store, something written about being a snigle or a multiplayer game, and in a news published last year, Matt Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, said he would have talked to Sony to collaborate on this, but Sony would have answered negatively, Matt’s assumption being that they were too focused on the single player and launch.

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