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Every Thursday, I will try to publish a new PlayStation VR game (or experience) (under PlayStation VR Content section), a place that I barely covered in my articles or on social media, because the content was limited when I bought the device and I burned it very fast. Also, there were not many people to talk about it, the numbers of PlayStation VRs sold worldwide overpassing the metropolitan area of Rome this year, in February.

So… Hello to all 4.2 million PlayStation VR owners. Here I am! 🙂

Game: Crow: The Legend (website)
Company: Baobab Studios Inc.
PlayStation Store: Crow: The Legend (free download)

Inspired by the Native American legends (this is the closest info I could find on this matter, I’m european :P) and launched on PlayStation on Nov 20, 2018, Crow: The Legend is a nice VR animated movie, with Crow in the first role, the most admired animal in the forest with magnificent colors and beautiful voice.


It’s a story for kids – is the first PS content I see it has an Everyone audience stamp on it – about the first winter that hits a forest, and, as the temperature plunges, the animals of the forest realized that their lives are in danger. Solution? Someone must go in a long adventure to talk to The One Who Creates Everything by Thinking in order to do something about the cold.

One thing that made me a little bit sad is the fact that Crow: The Legends can be also played, not only experienced as it happens on PlayStation VR environment. “You can wave your hands and make the grass grow, the flowers bloom, the sun come out, or the snow fall. You can go into the stars and touch them and make music.” said Eric Darnell, chief creative officer and director of Crow: The Legend, in an interview.

Real look and feel

Even Crow: The Legend is only a kids’ story (funny thing: a PlayStation VR is not for use by children under age 12, but this story is mostly for them), it kept me there for the entire time. I recommend experiencing this VR content sitting down on a swivel chair because the action will make you turn several times to actually be there. And it takes some time to be standing up all the time. 🙂

That means “Yes”, I recommend downloading and experiencing Crow: The Legend. For those who never interacted with any kind of VR content, Crow: The Legend is just perfect for a first VR trip: smooth, without things to suddenly scare you from nowhere, and a story nicely put into an animated movie.

And it’s also free, even it has an impressive cast, with John Legend as Crow (and also the Executive producer), Constance Wu as Skunk, and Oprah Winfrey as The One Who Creates Everything by Thinking.

What do you think about it? Do you have it already? Did you like it? Don’t be a stranger and join me in the comment section and let’s make this blog a better one! 🙂

Note: I will try to play at least two new PlayStation games every week and share the experience with you. I will communicate one of them every Tuesday, and the other one on Thursday (The VR Day), and it will be, of course, a PlayStation VR game, or a VR experience like the one today. 🙂

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