👍 Apex Legends, mates! There is a new battle royale shooter in town, and it’s spreading fast!

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Game Website: Apex Legends
Game Forum: here
Gaem Youtube: Apex Legends
Type: Battle Royale Shooter
Twitter account: Play Apex
Company: Respawn Entertainment
CEO’s Twitter account: Vince Zampella
PLayStation Store: here.

A couple of days ago, a PlayStation Newsletter announced APEX Legend, a battle royale shooter type of game developed by Respawn Entertainment, which I believe it might be a division of EA Sports (EA Apex’s landing page here – the game is playing on EA Sports servers) that also delivered Star Wars game, in collaboration with Lucas Film Lmt.

Apex Legends is spreading so fast that Vince Zampella, Respawn Entertainment’s CEO, twitted after 8 hours since its launch the 1M milestone players around the world. Yeap, you heard it right, 1M! And that’s not all. Yesterday, he announced the 2M milestone. For sure Sony and EA Sports had something to do with is also. 🙂

I have give it a try yesterday, also live on my Youtube channel, and all I can say is that I cannot wait to find a little squad to wipe the map out, with all those legendary characters with nice, strange and powerful abilities. Also, it seems more manageable than Call of Duty IV Blackout, meaning that the character is easier to move around (jump, slide etc), and it has something that Call of Duty IV Blackout needs to implement.

I am talking about something like a link between random players at jump: one of the three teammates is taking the lead to fly and land the team, meanwhile the others can ping places as possible destinations. Of course, you can split the formation (holding square for go solo), but there is no reason to end up alone, surrounded by other 19 teams. 🙂

Because of the fast growth (personal observation) the connection to the servers is poor, so you just need to press X until you’ll get there.

If you wanna squad up for some Apex time, just send me a message. You can find me on PSN with CostinLive account. Meanwhile, I will leave you with some images of the game. Just watch the Youtube channel for some live stream, I will be streaming this game for sure.

The game is also available on Xbox One, and Origin on PC.

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